Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chimowicz Letters

Letters that were written by my father and uncle in the spring of 1946, including the first accounts of what happened to family members during the Holocaust in Germany and Poland, are now online in summary form on the USHMM web site and also accessed via search engines, the USHMM link is

The letters were written by Alfred and Herman to their Cousin Masha in Israel. Masha's daughter, Nira, had the letters and sent them to me for donation to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Alfred led 500 metal workers and their families, the group is identified as "The Last 500," as they
were one of the last groups to leave the Lodz Ghetto, following the metal machinery, to several
concentration camps including Auschwitz, Stutthof, Flossenburg and a munitions factory in Dresden
and a death march to concentration camp Theresienstadt.

Thanks Cousin Nira for your help!