Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kindle Countdown Deal on this FRIDAY, Dec 19, only!

In an attempt to find more information, I am able to run a Kindle Countdown Deal for one day,, this Friday, December 19, Kindle Countdown Deal for Walk Forward at 99 cents! It was my father's eternal hope that I find my sister or her fate as he always told my two younger sister and me "If someone comes to you one day and says she is your sister, you must believe her." He wanted us to welcome her into our family.

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A father's hope for his missing child spans beyond the generations and is eternal. Does she remember her last name, she was only 9 years and had gone through much terror in concentration camp Stutthof. When she was taken, her mother went with her child so that her child should not be afraid. My heart aches for this young mother, my father's first wife.

This 9 year old, blond-haired, blue-eyed child with olive skin, had survived the Lodz Ghetto, made it through Auschwitz as a member of the 500 hundred metal workers and their families chosen by my Uncle Alfred Chimowicz.

How I wish I could somehow take the pain away from my older (half) sister, but someone out there must know something. It does not matter to me if you were a Nazi or someone who saw it happen, what happened to her is the question. She is not listed on any transport and as part of a "different kind of Schindler's list" she was monitored everyday. She had to be replaced, but is not listed in the transport that sent her 3 young cousins back to Auschwitz.

A two year old survived the entire ordeal and we are in contact with him, but he is much to young to remember anything. He sent us a photo of our Uncle.

Is there a chance, time is running out because of our ages, if you have any ideas, please, please, forward to me at Please note, many secondary sources are quoting ME!

I have never said my sister died, I have no proof but several are quoting me as to the last place she was seen. Had she not had blond hair and blue eyes, and I recently learned that NOT everyone's hair was shaved off, is there a chance? Someone knows and I hope they have the courage to let me know.

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